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Friday, June 09, 2006

Infighting continues in the Democratic base - continued

Jazz this morning told us about the Congressional Black Caucus complaining about the treatment of William Jefferson resulting in a split in the Democratic Party. Jazz is right and the CBC is wrong. We have another split that threatens the party even more however, the DLC's attack on a very large portion of their base, those "lefties". The DLC's attack has been led by their front man and spokesman former(?) Republican and corporatist neocon Marshall Wittmann (AKA Bull Moose). Previous attacks are documented here, here and here. Well Wittmann continues this morning in his post Curb Your Enthusiasm:
The problem for the Democrats is that they are vulnerable to the line of attack that they are a group of negative nattering nabobs who are driven by internet extremists in a lurch to the left. Congresswoman Pelosi and Senator Reid certainly don't help matters at all when they show up in Vegas to pander to a blogger who once denigrated the deaths of Americans at the hands of terrorists.

The Moose misjudged the Democratic Party. He thought that the Clinton years had rid the party of the dominance of left-wing McGovernism. Instead, a wide swath of the party is rejecting Clintonism for a much less attractive contemporary version of McGovernism that holds that the only enemy of America is the President of the United States and seeks to rid all in the party that do not have that perspective. It is pulling up the welcome mat to centrists.
I have thought for some time that Wittmann never really left the Republican Party and that Bill Clinton was the best Republican president we have had since Ike. Marshall Wittmann and Clinton's DLC don't represent a Democratic Party that I can support. For an example of the neocon leanings of the DLC see George Bush too liberal for the DLC?.

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