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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Getting Tough or Committing Suicide?

I have attacked Marshall Wittmann's attacks on the "netroots" recently here, here and here. Over at Donklephant amba has a post, Dem Centrists Get Tough discussing the Democratic neocons war on the Democratic base.
It’s really good to see centrists getting the fire in their belly — and the rhetorical firepower — to beat back the netroots naysayers, who must like being aggrieved outsiders, since that’s what their strategy is tailored to achieve.
A word of advice for these so called centrists, without the "netroots" the Democrats won't be able to get a dog catcher elected. Inflammatory rhetoric from the likes of Republican mole Marshall Wittmann will results in Democratic losses inspite of the meltdown of the Republican party. Wittmann's own hero, John McCain learned the hard way that he couldn't move up in the Republican Party if he insulted the theocon base of the party. Apparently Wittmann didn't learn that lesson. I have been critical of the Republican party and the Bush/Rove administration for putting winning above all. I will be critical of those who I think are wrong regardless of party, it would be hypocritical of me to do otherwise.

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