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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Third party politics

I have gone out on a limb and suggested here that third party candidates will determine who wins the 2008 presidential race. Well here in Oregon it is already happening in the 2006 governors race.

The incumbent Democratic governor Ted Kulongoski had a tough primary. The Republican primary was equally bloody and a "relative moderate", Ron Saxton, defeated ├╝ber wingnut Kevin Mannix. Already in the mix at primary time was former Republican Ben Westland who is attempting to run as an independent. It's not much of a surprise but Saxton is not nearly nutty enough for the hard core wingnuts.
Enter TV personality Mary Starrett who is as wingnutty as you can get and has all kinds of name familiarity. While Starrett's run may make it easier for the Democrat, Kulungoski, to retain the governorship it could have a negative impact on the Democrats attempt to regain a majority in the Oregon House as Ms Starrett will be able to get the lunatic fringe to the polls.

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