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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

George Bush too liberal for the DLC?

Well we have often discussed that Bush and his administration have lost touch with reality. It would seem that when it comes to Iran the Bush administration may be more in touch with reality than Marshall Wittmann and the DLC. In his post today Wittmann blasts the administration for have the nerve to negotiate with Iran.
But in Teheran, the Hitler acolyte who rules the country and his buddies can only interpret this proposal as a sign of weakness. And the Bushies just appear hapless.
Well it would appear that the neocons have found a new home and traded the R after their names for a DLC D.

To his credit Wittmann did get one thing right:
If a Kerry Administration had offered this deal, there would be the equivalent of conservative rioting in the streets. An impeachment resolution would be offered. The theme of the day on talk radio would be the betrayal of America.

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