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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code

According to Editor and Publisher Vanity Fair will have another article on Dan Brown's perjury in his best selling novel, the Da Vinci Code. Now Mr Brown may well be guilty of plagerism and I can understand how Lewis Perdue if someone took the plot of my unsuccessful novel and made millions of dollars. That said I think the world should thank Mr Brown for the same reason that the organized church is attacking him. Dan Brown did not present any information that hasn't been available for hundreds of years. What he did do is present it in a device where millions of people would read it. Many of us have been aware that the Catholic Church from the very beginning was a political rather than spiritual organization. Now Mr Brown did present some details I was not aware of but they were available if I had ever cared to look. So that's why the church is so upset with Dan Brown's mediocre novel; not because there is anything new in it to threaten their 2000 year old reign but because for the first time in that 2000 years you 40 million people reading the truth and millions more hearing the truth in the movie.

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