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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The summer doldrums and more

My dear friend Jazz over at Running Scared is calling it quits, almost. I can identify with his decision. This situation in the US and more importantly the world itself continues to get worse by the day. Democracy in the US is all but officially dead. Even the New York Times admits that election tampering and fraud is widespread. Nothing new of course but technology has made it easier. More important is we have reached the point of no return when it comes to both global warming and the end of the oil age. The 50% increase in the price of gasoline is nothing compared to what we will see in the next few years. With all the talk of alternative energy sources there simply aren't any that will allow us maintain our current lifestyle or for the world to sustain it's current population. History has shown that people will not alter their lifestyles until they are simply not sustainable anymore. Global Warming is finally getting some traction but it's simply too late. It's time to figure out how to adapt to the inevitable something neither side is doing. Each and every projection indicates that the effects of Global Warming are going to happen even sooner. A good place to start is to not rebuild New Orleans and the gulf coast. Of course the rebuilding continues.

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