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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Look who's talking

In spite of the fact that I still think Obama is an empty suit I am leaning in his direction in large part because of Clinton fatigue. That said this article by Dean Barnett, Obama Unplugged, while in large part true is still absurd when one considers the source. Has Barnett listened to to George W. Bush over the last few years? While Obama may be better with a teleprompter he can still talk coherently without one. Barnett says:
In spite of Obama's obvious strengths in this area, questions linger regarding Obama's gifted speechifying. Do his speeches give us a glimpse at a very special man with a unique vision? Or are we merely witnessing a political one-trick pony? Yes, Obama can turn a phrase better and do more with a Teleprompter than any other modern era politician. But does his special skill set here actually mean anything, or is it instead the political equivalent of a dog walking on its hind legs--unusual and riveting, but not especially significant? Regardless, the liberal commentators have gushed their praise nearly every time Obama has opened his mouth before a Teleprompter the past few months.
Consider the source and his past support for George W. Bush.