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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No, this isn't from The Onion

It's from The American Spectator
Jeb in 2008?
Don't be surprised if, come November of 2008, voters are choosing between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush for president.

But how can that be? Jeb's not running.

Well, he isn't running now, but the new, front-loaded primary system may, counterintuitively, allow him to enter the race late as a "white knight" rescuing Republicans from a morass of unhappiness and indecision.
Now Jeb may be the "smart one" of the family but one look at the Bush gene pool would indicate that doesn't mean too much. But the Republicans don't have a recent record of nominating mental giants so perhaps we should look at the the current President Bush's approval ratings. Yes that's right, Jeb would have to change his name and hope that no body remembers that he used to be a Bush. Not even the Republicans want a Bush and in the general election he might get less votes than a third party candidate. And let's not forget the Terri Schiavo fiasco; it did in Bill Frist and did the same for Jeb Bush. No. this isn't from The Onion but it could be.

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