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Friday, February 16, 2007

More BS from the Dinocrats

The neocons know their star is fading fast. After six years of the Bush administration a majority of Americans can see just how dangerously delusional their ideology is. They are fighting back like cornered rats and that includes the neocon Dinocrats. I had this example from Lawrence Hass yesterday and today we have this rant against progressive bloggers from Joe Lieberman's communications director, Dan Gerstein.
Liberal Bloggers Demonstrate Their Political Immaturity, Democrat Says
But the reality is, as I experienced over and over again in the Lamont-Lieberman race, this is the liberal blogosphere’s standard-less operating procedure. They have decided that the best way to fight the “right-wing smear machine” that they so despise is to create an even more venomous, boundary-less, and destructive counterpart and fight ire with more ire.

It also goes to show just how deeply most liberal bloggers believe that Republicans and conservative are morally illegitimate, and as such, any criticism or argument made by the other side is on its face corrupt and dismissible. If it is said by Catholic League President Bill Donohue, who has a history of controversial statements himself, it automatically becomes invalid, no matter the inherent integrity of the underlying proposition.

What these liberal bloggers fail to appreciate is that this petty, polarizing approach is not how you ultimately win in politics – especially in an era when most average voters outside the ideological extremes are fed up with the shrill, reflexive partisanship that dominates Washington, and when the fastest growing party in America is no party.

The blogger bomb-throwing may be good for inflaming the activist base, and, as they demonstrated in the 2006 Lieberman-Lamont Senate primary race in Connecticut, for occasionally blowing up the opposition. It’s not bad for bullying your friends, either, as the liberal blogosphere did last week in pressuring Edwards to not fire the two bloggers who penned the offensive anti-religious posts.
While there may be some of what Mr Gerstein talks about going on in the "liberal blogosphere" he places the entire progressive blogosphere in that category. It's because they disagree with him. The likes of digby and Steve Soto give us much more intelligent and reasoned commentary than anything we see from the DC punditry corp. Not even I would compare the insanity of the Powerline crew or Glenn Reynolds with the reasoned, if wrong, commentary of Ed Morrisey.

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