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Friday, September 22, 2006

Desert Time

A few weeks ago conservative John Cole of Balloon Juice said he was not going to vote for a Republican in the near future and that they were in need of 40 years in the desert. As an active and concerned progressive I'm not sure the same doesn't apply to the current Democratic "leadership". Well today Oliver Willis says The Democrats Should Probably Lose In November
For the sake of America, I hope the Democrats win. In the 5+ years of solid Republican rule, the congress has abdicated its constitutional role as a watchdog. It has become just another cheerleading section for the Republican party and has overseen fraud, waste, criminal activity and the abdication of American values and the abolition of precious liberties. A Democratic congress would at least restore checks and balances and throw a well-deserving butt or two in jail.

For the sake of the Democratic party, the party's long-term viability, and America's long term existence I sort of hope the Democrats lose this November. A win this Fall would be an endorsement of the party's ridiculously idiotic posture and would reward its sniveling cowardice with power. A Democratic win would put a rubber stamp on the feckless leadership and push the party to keep it going into 2008, where we would lose yet again for the third time out of the last four elections.

The Democratic Party apparently has no clue. It seems to believe that 1994-present is just a temporal hiccup, and all they have to do is wait for the Republicans to self-destruct and naturally inherit the earth and the congress. The party is like the child who refuses to learn its lesson, even though the results of 2000, 2002, and 2004 show us that simply wishing is not a good enough strategy for winning.
That pretty well sums up my feelings as well.


Greg Saunders may have the right idea, don't vote for any incumbents - Democrat or Republican. Toss all the bums out.

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