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Friday, September 22, 2006

Change the subject - fast!

Now that the Democrats have been had by McCain & Co what should they do. For once Marshall Wittmann gets it right although for all of the wrong reasons.
Now that a deal has been struck on the interrogation issue, the Moose recommends that the Democrats say "amen" and move on.
Well almost right, they should point out that McCain & Co gave the Bush/Cheney cabal all of the outrageous things they wanted and then "move on" - change the subject. This is a start:
Dems to spotlight Iraq
Congressional Democrats plan to hold Iraq war hearings on Capitol Hill and around the country, turning an election spotlight on an issue much as the GOP did with immigration during the summer recess.

The Democrats’ will highlight the fact that they intend to go toe-to-toe with Republicans on the issue of national security, believing that this election cycle it can play to their advantage rather than to their detriment as it has in elections past.
It is essential that the bloody debacle in Iraq and the failure of the Bush administration in Mesopotamia make it back into the news cycle. There may be some advantage to be had with the economy but it's really all about the war.

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