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Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Eve

Like A.B. Stoddard I hesitate to make predictions based on the polls which are all over the place anyway. On the Democratic side they have shown Obama to be surging but as Josh Marshall points out that a Survey USA poll over the weekend seems to contradict that:
Mass: Clinton 56%, Obama 39%
Alabama: Obama 49%, Clinton 47%
Missouri: Clinton 54%, Obama 43%
California: Clinton 53%, Obama 41%
On the Republican side the McCain surge may be for real in spite of all the so called "conservatives". I think McCain will be the nominee but it would be good for my side if the Republicans had to fight it out for a few more weeks so give em hell Mitt.

As for me, my position has shifted over the last couple of weeks. I was supporting Hillary Clinton in large part because I thought she had a much better chance of beating John McCain and surviving the Republican slime machine. In recent weeks the Clinton campaign has been guilty of some major slime themselves with Bill damaging what could have been his own decent legacy. The result I think is that Hillary has become even more divisive. I believe that Barack Obama has a better chance to beat John McCain in November. Since electability was my only issue between them if I was voting tomorrow I would vote for Obama.