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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Your quote of the weekend

Since Ron didn't post one... brought to you via The Sideshow, originally from Lance Mannion.
"If the Government is a car setting out to give every one a ride to work, then for 40 years the Republicans have been puncturing the tires, pouring sand in the gas tank, stealing the distributor cap, and, whenever they can get their hands on the wheel, driving it straight into the nearest ditch and then, pointing to the wreckage as the tow truck backs up to it, saying, See, this proves that people were meant to walk. And they do this so that they don't have to chip in on gas."

I'm trying to watch the Superbowl pregame show. I'd appreciate it if you arseholes wouldn't make me shoot beer out of my nose, no matter how correct you may be on matters of social programs.