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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Hillary Plus

Those he read this blog know I don't really have any use for Hillary Clinton. But as paradox at The Left Coaster points out she does have one big plus - she and the people around her are fighters.
Although disappointed in her character and horribly convoluted embrace of liberalism there is one element to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy I am truly looking forward to: she will take on a fight to win the presidency in 2008.

Carville’s Speed Killed Bush they silk-screened on 100% cotton in 1992, giddy with a win over the incumbent. There was new speed in the Clinton campaign, of course, but it wouldn’t have meant a damn thing if the political messaging and fast jabs were devoid of real substance. Bill Clinton and James Carville hit not only fast, they hit hard with issues Americans really cared about.

In their way they earned real trust and respect with that, completely aside from their alleged political embrace of liberalism. Far as I can tell, this is the only real reason Hillary has garnered such huge initial support, Democrats know damn well Bill and James are right there in the background with the experience and fortitude to fight and beat Republicans.

Hillary is of course a Clinton and female, and given the ranting berserk behavior of the Right this year odds are extremely good that with Bill and James behind her Hillary is going to make the Republicans tilt, so lurid and extreme in their foaming defense of the indefensible of course the rest of the country still with any sanity left will vote for her.
I think that's pretty accurate but I think there is a second plus. The right has been digging up dirt on Hillary for 16 years - there is very little they can say that most people don't know already. The same can't be said for Rudy or Mitt. Rudy has so many skeletons in his closet that the US voter doesn't know about that Bill Clinton and James Carville will have plenty of ammunition. That of course is assuming that Carville doesn't spill the beans to uber wingnut wife, Mary Matlin.

Of course the Republican candidates are helping the Democrats by trying to out Bush Bush, the most unpopular president since Nixon. In the case of Rudy he's taking it a step farther and trying to out Cheney Cheney.

Now I don't know what kind of president Hillary will make. I'm not sure she even has an ideology but like all politicians she has a weather vane and knows which way the wind is blowing. That's not to say she won't occasionally tack into the wind if she sees a political advantage.

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  1. FWIW, my take on the 2008 cycle is that our overlords and their Diebold machines will install Giuliani as a neat segue from the current cabal. His service to the agenda as strong man at the main event of 9/11 won't go unrewarded, and he has some powerful muscle behind him.
    However, installing Hillary would make it seem like there will be a change and See Folks, The Process Works. But they have a huge problem doing that. Convince me that I'm wrong, but I believe this country would never elect a woman in a free and fair election, let alone with possibly a black running mate. If Clinton is put into the presidency it would prove the fix is in and has been for the last several "election" cycles.


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