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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If you're not scared yet you're not paying attention

Historically all we had to worry about with the Republicans was bad policy driven largely by greed and Social Darwinism With the Bush administration all that has changed. Even more frightening is the fact that they are both incompetent and insane. Now I don't know if the insanity is the result of megalomania or rapture right Christian ideology but the impact is the same. This has become more important with the recent revelations that the Bush administration is planning to attack Iran, perhaps using nuclear weapons. Such an attack is irrational for a number of reasons including the economic ones we discussed here. Of course it is becoming obvious that the word rational cannot be used in the same sentence with Bush administration which is why we should be afraid. Of course Bush is referring to such talk as "wild speculation" but of course that is what they were saying right before the disastrous invasion of Iraq. Paul Krugman explained the other day why Bush might be crazy enough to do it.

Last weekend I wrote an open letter to the corporate media. Consider this an open letter to the rest of the corporate leaders. If you were not intelligent you would not be in the positions your in and you must be able to see the irrationality of an attack on Iran. You must also have some power to influence members of congress; if not you have wasted millions of dollars in campaign contributions. So tell them to stand up to the Bush cabal and do whatever needs to be done to stop this.

I'm not alone, Eric Alterman is scared as hell too.
Believe it this time, buster

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