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Monday, April 10, 2006

Would you buy another war from this guy?

After all the talk about a planned invasion of Iran this weekend George W. Bush tells us today that it's wild speculation. This denial from the messianic President won't result in me sleeping any better tonight. I'll let Josh Marshall explain why:
....when President Bush calls recent reports of White House plans to attack Iran "wild speculation" that means absolutely nothing.

It's not just that the president has now earned a well-deserved reputation for lying. It is because he and his chief aides lied to the country about a more or less parallel situation -- the build up to war on Iraq -- only four years ago. We now know that the fix was in on the Iraq War as early as September/October 2001. And the president and his crew kept up the charade that no decisions had been made long after those claims became laughable.
The situation is a little different now. During the lead up to the Iraq war most believed what the President said. Now on the other hand a majority realize he is a serial liar.

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