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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A case of So What?

My friend Jazz, the chief honcho over at Running Scared and guest pamphleteer at MEJ, has A case of the Who Cares? bug. I have a case of the So What? bug. The big non news this morning is more evidence that the Bush administration lied in the run up to the Iraq invasion. It's not too surprising that the wingnut cultists once again come to his defense. OK, we already know he lied. So What?

I was upset when Bush "won" in 2000 and concerned when he "won" in 2004 but I could not anticipate how bad it would be. As I said yesterday I thought we were simply up against an evil ideology, I didn't dream we were up against a certifiable madman surrounded by other escaped inmates. I didn't dream they could be as incompetent as they have turned out to be.

We have many things to worry about. There are indeed external threats to the United States and we need a strong military. Rumsfeld has all but destroyed it and it is becoming obvious that the best military minds have left and only the Rumsfeld sycophants remain.

I don't know what I can do to make things better. I fear that a change in November will come too late.

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