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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Party's Over

When I heard Hillary Clinton's final comments at the debate in Texas I had the feeling that she knew that the contest was all but over. Patrick Healy has a piece in the NYT, Soldiering On, but Somber as the Horizon Darkens, that all but confirms it. Now Hillary's campaign was not very good and they were certainly not ready for a "movement candidate". That said I think Hillary owes her loss to none other than George W. Bush. After over seven years of George W. Bush's administration people want a change - a big change. Another Clinton was simply not change enough. Now it remains to see how big Obama's change will be or even how much better it will be but he read the American people's desire for change and took advantage of it. I only hope the Obama campaign will make use of Steve Soto's name for McCain - John McBush.