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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hat In Hand

Government geologists, vulcanologists and relief workers have warned citizens in the immediate vicinity of Hugh Hewitt and Rush Limbaugh to evacuate the area to avoid blast damage when their heads expode following John McCain's sweeping victory in the Super Tuesday primaries. I suppose we knew it was coming, but Hugh Hewitt has come out and told his followers that they should get ready to support John McCain.
At the same time, Romney and Huckabee ought to begin to note Senator McCain's lead and urge their followers to recognize that if they cannot come back they and their followers will have to come in and join the party's eventual nominee. Senator McCain would do well to make a similar statement though his lead is significant and his collapse unlikely. Putting Humpty Dumpty together again cannot wait for St. Paul. Each of the three need to strike some common chords again and again, beginning with why the GOP needs to retain the White House, regardless of who its nominee is.

There are seven reasons for anyone to support the eventual nominee no matter who it is: The war and six Supreme Court justices over the age of 68.

Certainly persuasive arguments for anyone with a conservative bent to their politics. However, reading this I find myself asking one question. If you are taking advice from somebody on matters of the body politic, and he's telling you to vote for someone who he said - less than 96 hours earlier - was going to destroy your party... might you need to reconsider who you're taking advice from?