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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Going Out on a Low Note

Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice draws our attention to a blip on the radar from Political Wire. It appears that one of Hillary Clinton's supporters and would be advisers, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, gave an appraisal of the current state of the Clinton campaign which might have been a tad too frank.
Townsend said she expects Sen. Barack Obama to win the Democratic presidential nomination and that Clinton is finished. She believed that the Wisconsin results demonstrated that Clinton's coalition (voters over the age of 50 and those earning less than $50,000) had fallen apart. When asked why the Clinton campaign had failed, Ms. Townsend had plenty of opinions and she placed significant blame on Bill Clinton and his racially tinged statements in South Carolina. She also felt that Clinton made a tactical error in making "experience and inevitability" her central campaign themes.

Ms. Kennedy also picked up the phone to reach out and touch somebody at the Clinton campaign.
She said that she called the Clinton campaign and advised that they 'go out on a high note' but her advice was politely dismissed."

While reading that news, it was a somewhat prophetic coincidence that I was watching a replay of Jon Stewart's appearance on the Larry King show. Larry was asking him how the current situation in the Democratic primary had come to pass.
Larry King: Hillary Clinton. What happened?

Jon Stewart: Well, people in the know, the media, they kind of anointed her. And then people started to, umm... what's the word? Oh... vote. And the dynamic began to change.

Larry King: In a minute we'll get Jon Stewart's take on Barack Obama, this man who seemed to come from nowhere.

Jon Stewart: He healed my leprosy!

For all the talk of Clinton's obsession with getting back into the White House, I think its worth pointing out something that Ron said on our radio show this week. The Clintons certainly want to win, but they also have too much invested in the Democratic party to just put John McCain into the Oval Office by drowning the Democrats in a blood bath. November March 4th will be a telling day, when Clinton with either raise her campaign back from the dead, or she will likely make a quiet bow and exit stage left. The next couple of weeks will probably determine the course of the country's future.

Thanks to maha in the comments section for noticing November should have been March.