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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Thoughts On The Democratic Race

There is all kinds of outrage this morning about the elbows that were thrown at the debate last night. I'm not outraged. The Democratic contest is not about policy as much as it is about who can win in November. If Davis Brooks is correct and the Republican voters actually want to win and will nominate John McCain it will be a nasty mud slinging - swift boating contest. Given that the winner in the SC debate was Hillary Clinton, see The Trouble with Obama Part II.

A Talking Points Memo reader gets it right:
I submit that your mixed feelings about Hillary are the result of two different desires: to nominate the best Democrat, and to nominate the best candidate. I suffer from the same problem -- the idealist in me is disquieted by Hillary's attacks and backhanded smears on Obama, while the pragmatist in me sees her ability to throw elbows as a plus. The general election will be a bitch-slapping muckfest no matter who gets the nomination. I've been a longtime Obama guy, mainly out of the belief that he has the best chance in the general, but Hillary is starting to seem pretty good. Every time she (or Bill, or another of her surrogates) gets in a shot at Obama, part of me is disgusted . . . but another part of me counts it as a point in her favor.
Hillary is who she is; she can't change her spots just for the primary race. A lot of people who now condemn her for being a cunning operator will despair when Obama, if he wins the nomination, responds to bitch slaps from the right with "hope and unity" language. But you can't have it both ways. I'm reminded of people who hate lawyers because they're too contentious and sleazy and aggressive -- but when they get sued, they insist on getting the meanest bull dog of a lawyer they can find.