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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And then there were four!

John Edwards will quit today and Rudy Giuliani's pathetic campaign is finally over. That leaves McCain and Romney on the Republican side and Clinton and Obama for the Democrats. With a healthy 5% win in Florida's closed primary it's time for the Democrats to assume he will be the nominee. The problem with McCain is that unlike Romney he might actually be able to win. It's now time for Clinton and Obama to start looking out for what is best for both the party and the country and spend less time attacking each other - from a policy stand point there is very little difference - and start attacking the Republicans. It is essential that a Democrat occupy the White House in 2008 - think Supreme Court.

Steve Soto agrees:
Past campaigns have shown us that the narrative for the fall campaign against the GOP needs to be set now, before the media lovefest for McCain whitewashes his actual position on the issues and pandering commitments to the GOP's wingnut base. The burden now on both Hillary and Obama is to step up and act like Democratic presidents in waiting, speaking for all of the party and independent voters, pointing out the real choice that voters will have this fall: between more of the same with McCain to appease the 20% who still think we are on the right path, or a Democratic change in course that benefits the rest of us.

The GOP, especially McCain, have nothing whatsoever to offer voters this fall on middle class worries, the economy, health care reform, energy independence, Iraq, or even an effective fight against Al Qaeda. If Hillary and Obama can take some time out from the pie fight to hammer that point home over the next 4 weeks instead of hammering each other, this country and the Democratic Party will be much better off.