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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The trouble with pork

There are two things a lawmaker needs to get elected:
  1. Lots of cash from special interests
  2. A list of pork barrel projects they got for their state/district
These projects take many forms; some like the bridge to nowhere are obviously absurd and others like a job producing defense contract, that the Pentagon doesn't want, for a local company are less obvious. Of course everybody hates pork unless of course it's their pork. The result is that DC becomes a secondary commodities market for pork - a bipartisan enterprise to be sure. I don't often join forces with my friend Captain Ed but in this case I'm on board:
Because Oil Companies And Pizza Hut Couldn't Afford It
He has a great example of the obviously absurd variety.
Sail Away Captain!

Millions in Earmarks Purchase Little of Use
is an example of the kind of pork that burns a lot more taxpayers dollars than the bridges and there is usually nothing to show for it - not even a bridge.

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