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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Worse than Abu Ghraib?

Will it be Blackwater that gets us out of Iraq?
Blackwater Tops All Firms in Iraq in Shooting Rate
The American security contractor Blackwater USA has been involved in a far higher rate of shootings while guarding American diplomats in Iraq than other security firms providing similar services to the State Department, according to Bush administration officials and industry officials.

Blackwater is now the focus of investigations in both Baghdad and Washington over a Sept. 16 shooting in which at least 11 Iraqis were killed. Beyond that episode, the company has been involved in cases in which its personnel fired weapons while guarding State Department officials in Iraq at least twice as often per convoy mission as security guards working for other American security firms, the officials said.
And it's not just the Iraqi's who are upset it's the military as well.
Private Security Puts Diplomats, Military at Odds
Contractors in Iraq Fuel Debate
BAGHDAD, Sept. 25 -- A confrontation between the U.S. military and the State Department is unfolding over the involvement of Blackwater USA in the shooting deaths of Iraqi civilians in a Baghdad square Sept. 16, bringing to the surface long-simmering tensions between the military and private security companies in Iraq, according to U.S. military and government officials.

In high-level meetings over the past several days, U.S. military officials have pressed State Department officials to assert more control over Blackwater, which operates under the department's authority, said a U.S. government official with knowledge of the discussions. "The military is very sensitive to its relationship that they've built with the Iraqis being altered or even severely degraded by actions such as this event," the official said.
A nightmare worse than Abu Ghraib.
"This is a nightmare," said a senior U.S. military official. "We had guys who saw the aftermath, and it was very bad. This is going to hurt us badly. It may be worse than Abu Ghraib, and it comes at a time when we're trying to have an impact for the long term."

In last week's incident, Blackwater guards shot into a crush of cars, killing at least 11 Iraqis and wounding 12. Blackwater officials insist their guards were ambushed, but witnesses have described the shooting as unprovoked. Iraq's Interior Ministry has concluded that Blackwater was at fault.

In interviews involving a dozen U.S. military and government officials, many expressed anger and concern over the shootings in Nisoor Square, in Baghdad's Mansour neighborhood. Some worried it could undermine the military's efforts to stabilize Iraq this year with an offensive involving thousands of reinforcements.

"This is a big mess that I don't think anyone has their hands around yet," said another U.S. military official. "It's not necessarily a bad thing these guys are being held accountable. Iraqis hate them, the troops don't particularly care for them, and they tend to have a know-it-all attitude, which means they rarely listen to anyone -- even the folks that patrol the ground on a daily basis."
While Bush and most of those running for the presidential nomination are still talking about a permanent US occupation al-Malaki and others in the Iraqi government are talking about the US being out in one or two years.


  1. Blackwater is a great firm. I proudly post their link on my site!

    What have you or any liberals done to suppress terrorists?

    Ah - nothing.

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Hi Justadog.

    Checked, saw no link to Blackwater.

    Re : Terrorists ==> Suppress.

    I note that NOT ONE of our airport security desks have been blown to tiny little bits. I note there is nothing whatever to prevent a suicide bomber from walking up to a security desk. I note that attacking security desks would have the effect of making FEARFUL people (those who approve of security desks) FEARFUL OF SECURITY DESKS. There is little more that need be accomplished for the terrorists to win, than to inspire fear OF security, yet they (we are told) spend their time concocting ridiculesly complicated, impracticable, sometimes impossible, spy-novel type never woulda thought of that in a million years "Terror" attacks.

    In sum, I can see the advertising campaign, but where are the terrorists? How am I to Suppress an AWOL terrorist? And should I not instead turn and ask the guys telling Us to "Be afraid! Be very afraid!" to whom are they referring?

    You seem to think you know, Justadog. I'll ask you. What terrorists?

    Answer (don't look) : Security is the hand of the police state. This hand is supposed to fall on whoever, without explanation, to the misty-eyed applause of the ignorant mass. It is supposed to make sheep feel protected while it herds them. If they were to wrap their feeble minds around a fear of the hand of the State...those who have usurped the State would lose the profit (control of sheep) their plan was created to win for them. Ergo : ain't gonna happen.
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