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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Pentagon's Department of Corrective Thought

Pentagon to start 24-hour Iraq info desk
Office to distribute data ahead of military progress report due in Sept.
WASHINGTON - Shaping the Bush administration’s message on the Iraq war has taken on new fervor, just as anticipation is building for the September progress report from top military advisers.

For the Pentagon, getting out Iraq information will now include a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week Iraq Communications Desk that will pump out data from Baghdad — serving as what could be considered a campaign war room.

According to a memo circulated Thursday and obtained by The Associated Press, Dorrance Smith, assistant defense secretary for public affairs, is looking for personnel for what he called the high-priority effort to distribute Defense Department information on Iraq.
Now we all no what this will be - all good news all of the time.
Official: Not a 'war room'
The Pentagon dismissed suggestions that the communications desk will be a message machine or propaganda tool, and instead said it is being set up to gather and distribute information from eight time zones away in a more efficient and timely manner.
Right! and FOX news is "fair and balanced". Now there may be some good news from Iraq but it is overwhelmed by the bad news - like:

  • Iraq is not going to have a functional government in the lifetime of anyone over 50.
  • The Sunnis in Anbar who are now cooperating with the US to eliminate AQI will turn on the US troops as soon as the AQ threat is diminished.
  • The largely Shi'ite US trained Iraqi military will turn on the US troops as soon as Bush/Cheney do the unthinkable and attack Iran.
  • The US military is demoralized and broken after over four years in the meat grinder that is Iraq.

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