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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sorry Karl, that just won't work anymore

When the going gets tough what do you do? If you are Karl Rove and the Bush administration you try to scare the shit out of everybody. This was obviously leaked to ABC news by one of Rove's Orcs.
Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. Or On Its Way, According to New Intel
Senior U.S. intelligence officials tell ABC News new intelligence suggests a small al Qaeda cell is on its way to the United States, or may already be here.

The White House has convened an urgent multi-agency meeting for Thursday afternoon to deal with the new threat.
Yes, it's so urgent they are going to wait two days to have this "emergency" meeting. Sorry Karl, this shit just doesn't fly anymore - you are so transparent. Bush's is giving Nixon a run for his money and the Republicans are bailing out on Iraq. You are going to have to do better than this. Is Bush going to give up his month long vacation in Crawford. OK, that was silly, he doesn't make any of the decisions anyway. We all know the real "decider" is Cheney.

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