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Friday, July 27, 2007

Let's call it what it is - assassination

I covered the most recent news on Pat Tillman over at The Gun Toting Liberal. Yes, it certainly would appear the Pat Tillman was murdered by his fellow soldiers. Over at the Huffington Post Josh Swiller makes a good case that it actually was a political assassination.
Of all the scandals and cover-ups perpetuated by Bush and the Neocon army, this could be the worst yet. It has recently come to light that Pat Tillman was killed by three bullets to the forehead. And not just three bullets to the forehead but at close range! That's not friendly fire, that's assassination.
He then gives us a list of the facts that point towards a premeditated murder. The fact that Tillman was murdered was known by officials at the highest levels including the White House. Swiller concludes with this:
The fiasco of the cover-up around his killing continues to go higher and higher up the ladder ... our president himself has blocked the release of information around the killing, claiming executive privilege.

All this evidence points to the unmistakable conclusion that Tillman was assassinated. If he had come out strongly against the war and Bush policy just a couple of months before the election, it would have been more than enough to tip it over to Kerry. Before this week, I would have disregarded this scenario as pathological ranting. But this week's AP story makes it incontrovertible that something really bad went down. The army's own doctors thought so and sought a criminal investigation. Three bullets, in a tight circle, from ten yards away will do that. Of course, they were turned down.

It's time to really ask who ordered the assassination of Pat Tillman.

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