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Friday, June 01, 2007

He's not one of us! Part II

Lots of reaction to Peggy Noonan's commentary today. Your can find it all at memeorandum. In my post on it below commentator Mike said the following:
Why did you have to lower yourself and your argument by calling her a "Political Hack". That is a typical liberal ad hominum attack and demeans your analysis.
Sorry Mike, Peggy Noonan is a political hack. She supported Bush's divisive attacks until she ended up on the wrong end of the gun - hypocritical political hackery. Ed Morrissey is honest about it.
Welcome to the hardball of the Bush administration. We loved it when they used it on Democrats and the war, and it seems just a little hypocritical to start whining about it now that we're getting a taste of it ourselves.

As usual Joe Gandelman has a great analysis.
Can Republicans say in a crystal-clear manner that it’s time to move on from the Bush eras? And can they stand for principles that won’t shift with the latest White House talking points or campaign to whip up its supporters against its opponents — proudly and firmly figuring that the strength of their ideas and arguments will persuade voters?

Or will they they fall into this administration’s trap of assuming that when voters agreed to lend George Bush I and II the executive branch it was actually a kind of divine entitlement, with nearly-unfettered power and that the rest of the country — Democrats, independents, AND Republicans with whom they don’t agree — could go Cheney/McCain themselves?

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