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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Throwing Bush a life preserver?

Is al-Qaeda throwing their greatest ally, the Bush/Cheney cabal, a life preserver? As the cabal comes under increasing attack from not only the Democrats but also a increasing number of Republicans we hear this:
Bin Laden overseeing Iraq, Afghanistan ops: Taliban
DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden is orchestrating militants' operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, a senior commander of Afghan Islamist group Taliban said in remarks broadcast on Wednesday.

Bin Laden has not made any video statements for many months raising speculation that he might have died.

"He is drawing plans in Iraq and Afghanistan ... Praise God he is alive," Mullah Dadullah told Al Jazeera television.
This sounds like something that could have been written by Karl Rove or The Weekly Standard's William Kristol or Fred Barnes. This bit of absurdity will fuel the wingers but will it stick with the American people? How will the sycophants in the MSM respond?

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