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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Scooter Libby was not the only one found guilty on Friday. Of course we have Dick Cheney, his shady dealings will be investigated in the press and congress if not in court. And then there is the press, they too were found guilty. So it's no surprise that the Washington Post should sound as defensive as Cheney and the White House. And defense is what we got from Fred Hiatt and the WAPO editorial board in
The Libby Verdict
The serious consequences of a pointless Washington scandal
In fact they were even more indignant than Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters.
Think Progress reminds us that Post editorial was nothing more than a regurgitation of right wing talking points. Head over their for the details but they conclude with this.
The Post editorial concludes: “The Wilson-Plame case, and Mr. Libby’s conviction, tell us nothing about the war in Iraq.” This na├»ve comment is hardly surprising, coming from a publication that bought the false Iraq intelligence that Cheney, Libby, and company were trying so hard to sell prior to the war. More distressing, however, is that the Post has been an accomplice in the White House’s effort to cover up what it knew.
The Washington Post and much of the MSM was found guilty as charged.

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