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Friday, January 05, 2007

When you've lost the cultists

When it comes to Iraq Bush as lost the neocons, he's lost psychotic über war monger Oliver North and now he's lost a cultist.
Surge Lite?
It's hard to imagine what 149,000 troops can accomplish that 140,000 couldn't--especially if the mission of most of those additional 9,000 is to pacify Baghdad.

I don't particularly object to sending more troops to Iraq, but to what end? As long as we implicitly accept the proposition that violence in Baghdad means our effort is a failure, we put our fate in the hands of the extremists on both sides. If some Sunnis and Shiites are determined to kill one another, I doubt that 9,000 more troops, or even a much larger number, will stop them.
Yes this from former? cultist John Hinderaker. Now there ha've been not greater Bush cultists and defenders than the Powerline crowd. How do you spell deep shit?

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