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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Broder doesn't disappoint

David Broder once again demonstrates that he and the other "centrist' loving DC pundits are clueless and irrelevant. In A Study In Comity he praises the ISG report not because it actually suggests anything that will be productive but because it was "bipartisan".
Whatever the final impact of the Iraq Study Group report being issued today, for the 10 commission members this was an exhilarating experience, a demonstration of genuine bipartisanship that they hope will serve as an example to the broader political world.

"It was a very wonderful experience," former Republican senator Al Simpson of Wyoming told me last weekend. "We very quickly stopped considering ourselves as Republicans and Democrats, but as Americans trying to deal with a most urgent problem."
Now I'm not sure why the US taxpayers should have paid for "bipartisan" love fest that even the commission members themselves recognize will be ignored by the White House. In addition they seem to recognize that Iraq is so far gone that their suggestions wouldn't really make things better anyway. I'm sorry Mr Broder, "bipartisanship" should not be considered a success in itself. We need answers and solutions not "bipartisanship".

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