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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Cole on John Kerry

I was going to do a post on the latest John Kerry brouhaha but I waited long enough for John Cole to say everything I wanted to say. Go read the entire post but I'll give you the highlights. The first snip qualifies as a quote of the day.
A general rule of thumb regarding controversies like this is to count how many posts Michelle Malkin has about the issue, and to note that there is a positive correlation to how trivial the matter is and how many posts she has about it.
What can I say, but ROTFLOL. But then he gets into the hypocrisy of the right wing outrage.
I wish Kerry had not made the remark (even though he was trying to insult the President and not the troops), but I do find it a little amusing that the people who are ‘upset’ about this remark managed (if my memory is correct) to remain completely silent about this:I am sure we all remember the Bush supporters wearing fake purple heart stickers at the 2004 RNC to mock Kerry’s service. Additionally, I note that Malkin and company have not yet moved to condemn the treatment Vietnam war hero Jim Webb is getting at the hands of Red State, where he has been compared to John Mark Karr and today called a pervert.
Cole concludes with this:
Again, I wish Kerry had not made the remark (or phrased it better), but really, it changes nothing. The Republican party has no plan for Iraq other than rhetorical shifts, their policies are not constructed or implemented to actually accomplish anything but rather to maintain Congressional power, and we all will be better off if the GOP is swept out of power. The Republicans are corrupt, morally bankrupt, have no ideas, no principles, and are hoping upon hope that this latest distraction will help to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, the bleeding they care about is at the polls and not the bleeding in Iraq.
That says it all.

Boy, I bet John Cole never thought it would come to this:
The left-leaning Balloon Juice acknowledged, “I wish Kerry had not made the remark (even though he was trying to insult the President and not the troops).” But the blog said the uproar was unwarranted.
It just goes to show what has happened to this country. John has gone from a conservative Republican to "left-leaning" in the last couple of years.

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