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Sunday, September 03, 2006

MP's to the poodle - take a walk!

A few weeks after the Democrats of Connecticut told Bush supporter Joe Lieberman it was time for him to go the Labour Party in Great Britain has made it plane to Bush lapdog Tony Blair that it's time for him to go.
Tony Blair will be served notice to quit Downing Street at a meeting of the Cabinet next week when senior ministers plan to confront him over his refusal to commit to a departure timetable.

One described Mr Blair this weekend as "deluded", while another said he was being "self-indulgent". They are among a growing number of cabinet ministers, some formerly loyal to Mr Blair, who have concluded he must leave office sooner rather than later if Labour is to have a chance of winning a fourth term.

"This pantomime has to end or we are going to lose the next election," said one last night.

Another was brutally dismissive of the Prime Minister's attempt to "spray around policy initiatives" ahead of the party's annual conference in Manchester. "Tony is deluding himself if he thinks that anyone is listening to all this stuff."

Senior ministers were speaking last night of "near-panic" among MPs in marginal seats as Labour's poll ratings plunge because of the in-fighting.

One said that Mr Blair was being "self-indulgent" in seeking to bind the hands of his successor to ever-more radical reforms of the public services.
The world is going to be a lonely place for George W. Bush when his last friend is the world is gone.

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