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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Let the swift boating begin

Well not really swift boating I guess because it's true. (see update below) But it's not relevant or appropriate. I'm talking about this:
Ned Lamont: Pink Diaper Baby With Silver Spoon In Mouth
Ned Lamont’s grandfather (see "Whoops" at end of post), Corliss Lamont, was a brilliant, very wealthy by inheritance, communist fellow-traveler through the ‘30’s and ‘40’s and ‘50’s, who continued in such anti-U.S. foreign policy crusades on to his death in 1995, having opposed the 1991 Persian Gulf War.
Oh my God Ned Lamont's grandfather, that's right grandfather, was a rich communist making Ned a "pink diaper" baby. Boy talk about your new McCarthyism. Ned must be pretty clean if they have to go back two generations for dirt.

Apparently it is pure swift boating. According to the Inactivist Corliss Lamont was Ned's great uncle not grandfather.

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