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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's time to leave

The ineffectual but elected Iraqi government has asked the US to but out.
IRAQ'S ruling parties have demanded US forces cede control of security as the government investigated a raid on a Shiite mosque complex that ministers said involved "cold blooded" killings by US-led troops.
The US military says they were framed.
US commanders rejected the charges and said their accusers faked evidence by moving bodies of gunmen killed fighting Iraqi troops in an office compound. It was not a mosque, they said.
If if that's true it's still a problem.

Yesterday over at LewRockwell.com Charley Reese said it's Time To Leave. Go read the entire piece but I'm going to pick out one of Charley's points.
Democracy cannot be transplanted, especially not at the point of a gun. Iraq has never been a democracy. It has always been ruled by a dictator or an authoritarian central government, either self-chosen or imposed by a foreign power. That gaggle of Iraqi politicians squabbling over how to divide the loot and the patronage is certainly not going to create a democratic government.

Furthermore, people don't have an innate craving for democracy. The end result of government, a wise man once said, is a family eating their evening meal in peace in their home. That's what the Iraqi people are craving right now. They want security. They want the electricity back on. They want the sewage and water plants to function. They want jobs. After they get all of that, then they might want to make speeches or vote for politicians.
Any attempt to bring "freedom" and democracy to the middle east is doomed to failure as long as the people are afraid and hungry. We are seeing that right here in the United States. A majority of Americans are frightened and as a result have no problem with Bush running rough shod over the constitution and everything this country stands for.

It's time to leave....NOW!

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