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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Update...King George to DeLay jury...Not Guilty!

I suggested this morning that Mr Bush's comments on Tom DeLay yesterday were tantamount to jury tampering. Well Reddhedd at firedoglake agrees. The more I think about it the more I think this is a case of idiot boy's handlers thinking it was safe for him to answer questions at an annex of his bubble, FOX news. If this blows up, and that's a big if since know one outside the blogosphere has picked it up yet, they will probably regret that Brit Hume asked him about DeLay. But considering the MSM it will probably go nowhere. Hilzoy posting at The Washington Monthly points out the Scotty Boy was asked about it this morning and of course his answer was "no comment". It remains to be seen if this will fly.
Update of the update
Well the New York Times is showing it's part of the corporate media. It suggests that Bush's comments were unusual but fails to mention they might have been inappropriate.
In an interview with Fox News, Mr. Bush broke with his usual practice of avoiding direct comment on pending criminal investigations to express his faith in Mr. DeLay, who was forced by party rules to step aside as majority leader after being indicted in September on charges of funneling corporate campaign contributions to Republican candidates for the Texas Legislature. Mr. DeLay says he is a victim of political motivations on the part of Ronnie Earle, the Democratic prosecutor who obtained the indictment.

The president declined to comment on Mr. Earle. He said he wanted any trial "to be conducted as fairly as possible," but, pressed by Brit Hume of Fox News on whether he believed Mr. DeLay to be innocent, he replied, "Yes, I do."


While he has never before commented explicitly on the Texas case, Mr. Bush has occasionally signaled support for Mr. DeLay. In April, with the congressman under fire over ethics accusations, Mr. Bush made a show of giving him a ride back to Washington from Texas on the president's plane. And after Mr. DeLay was indicted in September, the presidential press secretary, Scott McClellan, called him a "good ally," though saying that "we need to let the legal process work."

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