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Friday, February 25, 2005

Disappointed in Joe Gandelman

Joe Gandelman over at The Moderate Voice has done what we expect Faux News to do, emphasized the very worst of the antiwar movement while giving no mention to the vast majority who are protesting this awful illegal war. He did this by sending his readers over to what sounds like the Iraq version of "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth", The Indepundit. The Indepundit went to an anti war rally in San Diego and allegedly heard the following:
I want to talk today about how we're actually going to stop the occupation. I don't have a plan, but I think there's some key strategies that we need to adopt, that are gonna make this more successful.
And the first thing is that we need to support the resistance of Iraqis in Iraq. These are people who are risking their lives to get the United States out of their country. And we have to see them as our allies. We have to see them as our main allies.

Similarly, we have to support resistance in the US military. Soldiers, and you know, anyone - families who are actually opposing the war, we need to be on their side.

If you recall, there's one time in the last 30 years when the US military machine was brought down, during Vietnam, and it was brought down because there was a fierce resistance in Vietnam, and because the soldiers were refusing to fight...
Now I don't doubt that he heard this but the majority who oppose the war in Irag would find this offensive. The entire anti war movement has been made to look like a bunch of US troop hating wingnuts. I was in the military during the height of the Vietnam War, 1968-1972. I heard stories about troops being cursed and spit on; that was the picture that was painted of war protestors during that illegal war. I don't doubt that it happened but I never saw it. The protestors I saw were caring people who opposed an unwinable war. We have the right wing blogs and Faux news to paint inaccurate pictures of war protestors. We don't need a "Moderate Voice" doing it.
Followup at Running Scared.

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