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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Speaking Truth To The Bobble Heads

In a must read post Taylor Marsh praises Craig Crawford for trying to set the record straight about race and the campaign between Clinton and Obama.
Send Craig Crawford some love (video of the exchange). He's more than earned it. But not because he's some "naïve shill for the Clintons." Because he's willing to stand up and buck the media talking points that lie about the Clintons being the ones using race in South Carolina.

Seriously, does anyone believe the legendary civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis would enthusiastically back a racist? It's a joke to think so.

Almost as funny as saying that the injection of race is coming from negative attacks by the Clintons, while Barack Obama uses race when it suits his cause or might help him win.
While I have been critical of the Clintons, especially Bill, I do have to wonder if it is all a reaction to the one sided and often misogynistic coverage by the media. The Cable tabloid networks didn't want a primary they wanted a mudslinging fight and they have done everything they could to get it. The problem - the villains here are not the Clintons or Obama it's the bobble head DC pundits who are interested in ratings and not the Democratic process. The best advice for the remainder of the campaign is to unplug your TV and avoid the Opinion Section of the newspapers.

Craig Crawford has more this morning:
Media Race Baiting
The baseless narrative that Bill Clinton is race baiting his wife’s way to the White House took another turn on Saturday with the accusation that somehow the former president is not allowed to point out the voting history of a key state.

Responding to reports that Barack Obama would win the South Carolina primary on Saturday, Clinton noted that Jesse Jackson won the state in 1984 and 1988. Cue the woe-is-us cries of neo-racism, hammering Clinton for stating a historical fact (though he did not mention that Jackson, a South Carolina native, won lower-turnout caucuses).