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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The "Rich" Democrats

Michael Franc asserts that the Democratic Party is now the Party of the rich, and right here is where he asserts it. When you click that link the first thing that will hit your eyes is a Liberty Bell, um, The Heritage Society, notorious for making numbers mean anything they decide they ought to mean in the Republican Party's benefit. This is a truly scholarly work, unreferenced beyond IRS records of incomes in excess of $100K single and $200K joint for CDs and a national poll showing Democratic trending in that group and picks 18 CDs Democrats have 2 Senators in. The thing is ass-umptions from start to finish.

What are the demographics of income distribution of those CDs? No information. What do exit polls reveal in those CDs? No info. What is the registration distribution across incomes? No info. What is the Union demographic? No info. What is the educational level demographic of the CDs? No info. No information is the hallmark of this political hackery. From this nonsense we're to make judgements about the political/socio-economic leanings of the present and future Democratic Party?

Will I argue the socio-economic leanings of Hillary? I don't like her, I think she's a corporate tool. She's not elected to anything other than Sen. (D-NY) at this point. She is sliding in the polls, and has slid badly in the online poll I noted previously which includes the educated and higher income demographic that Franc is pumping.

Do the current Democratic policies reflect entirely my particular blue collar working man views? Nope. Could I expect that from any Party? Nope. Is corporate power and the influence of wealth in any Party non-existent? Oh, sure. The real simple question is this: are the Heritage Society and the Republican Party the tools of the plutocracy? And as Twain noted, there are liars, damn liars, and statisticians.

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