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Monday, December 03, 2007

Crying Wolf Yet Again

This morning we are awaiting word from Ron, who lost power last night as winds in excess of 100 mph blew in to Oregon off the Pacific, and we don't know yet if he'll be able to join us on Mid Stream Radio today. (1:00 pm Eastern, 10:00 am Pacific.) Please join me in wishing him the best. In the meantime, news has come out that an old face will be showing up in Washington yet again. Yes... Paul Wolfowitz, one of the chief architects of the Iraq war and proponents of the Iraqi WMD story, is getting yet another post in the Bush administration. (No, you can NOT make this stuff up.)

After having been chased out of his appointment as head of the World Bank for lining his girlfriend's pockets, he will be coming back home. And where will he work?
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has offered Wolfowitz, a prime architect of the Iraq War, a position as chairman of the International Security Advisory Board, a prestigious State Department panel, according to two department sources who declined to be identified discussing personnel matters. The 18-member panel, which has access to highly classified intelligence, advises Rice on disarmament, nuclear proliferation, WMD issues and other matters.

Well, that certainly makes sense. If you need somebody to advise Condi on matters of WMDs, obviously you'd want to round up the guy who did such a bang up job on the WMD intelligence in Iraq which started this whole debacle. I know that loyalty trumps all in this administration, but this is pretty difficult to process. I mean, everything this guy has touched seems to turn to crap. He has the Midas Touch of Excrement, and yet fresh from the scandal at the World Bank he's back with a posh job in DC?

Somebody wake me up in January of 2008. 2009.
EDIT: 2009. Must not post before coffee.


  1. Hey, sleeping beauty, don't you mean January 20, 2009?

    Wolfowitz wingnut welfare is whacked.

  2. The cons are like vampires - the only way to stop them is to drive a wooden stake through their heart.

  3. Work? Wolfie hasn't worked a day in his miserable life.


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