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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still More on Pelosi's dangerous folly

I discussed Nancy Pelosi's misguided and dangerous resolution condemning the massacre of Armenians here and here. I also expressed some disappointment that more people on the left had not been critical. Well this morning Steve Soto weighs in:
I must have missed something, but when did the Armenian genocide become Topic A for the House Democratic leadership, at a time when we shouldn’t be pissing on Turkey and at a time when the House Democratic leadership can’t seem to focus on the here-and-now? I have no idea why Nancy Pelosi hasn’t stepped in to tell the Adam Schiffs, the Brad Shermans of her party as well as slugs like GOP hack Joe Knollenberg to go away and think about our mission in Iraq instead of scoring points for Armenian Americans. I agree with John Murtha and yes, the White House that this isn’t the time for raising this issue once again, unless you are more concerned about pleasing an interest group here at home than you are about helping to get our troops out of Iraq or being hell-bent to tweak the Turks.
Meanwhile is appears that Support Wanes in House for Genocide Vote
WASHINGTON, Oct. 16 — Worried about antagonizing Turkish leaders, House members from both parties have begun to withdraw their support from a resolution supported by the Democratic leadership that would condemn as genocide the mass killings of Armenians nearly a century ago.

Almost a dozen lawmakers had shifted against the measure over the last 24 hours, accelerating a sudden exodus that has cast deep doubt over the measure’s prospects. Some representatives made clear that they were heeding warnings from the White House, which has called the measure dangerously provocative, and from the Turkish government, which has said House passage would prompt Turkey to reconsider its ties to the United States, including logistical support for the Iraq war.

Until today, the resolution appeared to be on a path to House passage, with strong support from the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi of California. It was approved last week by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. But this evening, a group of group of senior House Democrats had made it known they were planning to ask the leadership to drop plans for a vote on the measure.
At least a few Democrats have more common sense than the inept Speaker.

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