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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More on Pelosi's dangerous folly

At least some of the Democrats have more sense than Pelosi. If Turkey does invade Iraq Pelosi and the Democrats will be blamed. Thanks Nancy!

Yesterday I pointed out that the irresponsible Nancy Pelosi had forced me to side with the wingnuts. The reason, her misguided and dangerous resolution condemning the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire nearly a century ago? Thomas Sowell weighs in today and once again I find myself siding with the conservatives.
Sabotage in Wartime
With all the problems facing this country, both in Iraq and at home, why is Congress spending time trying to pass a resolution condemning the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire nearly a century ago?

Make no mistake about it, that massacre of hundreds of thousands -- perhaps a million or more -- Armenians was one of the worst atrocities in all of history.

As with the later Holocaust against the Jews, it was not considered sufficient to kill innocent victims. They were first put through soul-scarring dehumanization in whatever sadistic ways occurred to those who carried out these atrocities.

Historians need to make us aware of such things. But why are politicians suddenly trying to pass Congressional resolutions about these events, long after all those involved are dead and after the Ottoman Empire in which all these things happened no longer exists?

The short answer is irresponsible politics
We on the left have spent the last six to ten years screaming about the "irresponsible politics" practiced by the left. I think Sowell calls this one right - it is irresponsible politics. I think we should begin to withdraw from Iraq at once. Pelosi's attempt to force the issue is wrong and dangerous. This is not a time to make an additional enemy in the region - one will need when we begin the withdrawal.

If the Democrats want my support they are going to have to show they are different than the Republicans not just the same thing but a different color. To paraphrase Michael Linn Jones; I didn't vote for the Democrats in 2006 because of something the Ottoman Empire did nearly a century ago.

I am disappointed that more of my friends on the left have not weighed in on this.

Our friend Cernig at NewsHoggers has an excellent guest post by Kenneth Anderson.

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