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Monday, October 15, 2007

For Once I Agree With The Wingnuts

I am becoming less impressed with Nancy Pelosi each day. This is just plain wrong and just plain stupid.
Pelosi’s Most Dangerous Ploy
Congressional Democrats anxious to force a withdrawal of American forces from Iraq are frustrated by their inability to muster a veto-proof majority for legislation that would establish a firm date for retreat. But what they cannot do directly they are now working hard to do indirectly.

According to Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Incirlik Air Base near Adana, Turkey is the transshipment point for about 70% of all air cargo (including 33% of the fuel) going to supply US forces in Iraq. Included are about 95% of the new “MRAP” -- mine-resistant, ambush-protected -- vehicles designed to save the lives of American troops. Turkey wasn’t always this helpful. In 2003, the Turks refused permission for the 4th Infantry Division to enter Iraq through Turkey.

Turkey’s Erdogan government has indicated that if the House of Representatives takes action on a non-binding resolution being pushed by Speaker Pelosi, Turkey might revoke our ability to use Incirlik as a waypoint for Iraq supplies.

At issue is the non-binding resolution passed on October 10 by the House Foreign Affairs Committee that labels the 1915-1923 massacre of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire a genocide. Such resolutions can be passed by either or both houses of Congress and are not subject to presidential veto.
Now I don't know if this is a backdoor ploy to end the war in Iraq but if it is it's the wrong ploy at the wrong time. When the US does withdraw from Iraq it will need Turkey. Alienating an already shaky ally in the region with jeopardize the safety of the troops on the ground now. Yes Nancy this is wrong and it's stupid.

As John Cole says:
There is no reason to push this resolution other than to attempt to sabotage our relationship with Turkey at a critical juncture. I understand the desire to end the war in Iraq, I really do, but I have had enough “end justifies the means” bullshit from the Bush White House. I don’t need it from Pelosi, too.

The route to ending the war in Iraq is through real, actual leadership. Refuse to pass the appropriations bills in bulk, and instead require daily or weekly votes to pay for one day at a time. There are many tools at the Democrat’s disposal- their failure to use them is not justification to sabotage already tenuous international relationships (and really, Bush does a fine job of ruining relationships on his own).

Michael Linn Jones weighs in over at The Gun Toting Liberal with a great post that has a great title: YES, THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE WAS THE MAIN REASON I VOTED IN 2006

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  1. Is this part of that John Kerry type nuance that will make the US more liked ?


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