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Friday, December 29, 2006

More on Gordon Smith

A couple of days ago I discussed Senator Gordon Smith's too little too late flip flop on George W. Bush's cluster fuck in Iraq. Over at his Blog former Oregon congressman Les AuCoin explains how Gordon shoots the wounded.
When the Oregonian splashed ink across its editorial page to lionize Gordon Smith’s flip on the Iraq War, all I could do is recall the words of an authentic anti-war hero in the late Sixties—Gene McCarthy, the Minnesota poet/senator/presidential candidate. McCarthy coined this definition of a politician of Smith’s ilk:

“Once the real battle is over, they come in and shoot the wounded.”

That’s you, Gordon. After others braved the wrath of misled voters to help the public see Bush’s sophistry—after they risked their careers to turn the war into a political liability for you and other war supporters—only then did you locate your spine.
That's right to the point but Les has more.
But that’s not the only reason your statement doesn’t wash, senator.

It doesn’t wash because three years ago—when your break with Bush might have prevented the senseless butchering of 3,000 young Americans and 655,00 Iraqi civilians in your president’s war of choice—you did nothing.
So Mr Smith is not only Still a wingnut but typical political hack to boot.

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