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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Captain Speaks

While I probably disagree with Ed Morrissey on nearly everything I have him listed on my blogroll and read him regularly because he is not a kool-aid drinking cultist partisan. Captain Ed's response to the divisive attacks by some of the right wing cultists is on target.

Not Going To Bite
The partisan sniping has ceased to be germane. We've already had the election, and the Democrats are in charge -- and they will be for two years no matter what. Obviously, we will watch closely to ensure that they do not surrender to terrorism, but I'm not going to take Abu Hamza's word that they will before their majority session even starts. They are Americans, and Americans put them in charge, and they have earned the right to show us how they will face the enemy now that they control the agenda. If they fail, I'll be the first to castigate them for losing ground to the terrorists. However, I'm going to base that on their actions, and not on the word of a murderous thug who couldn't care less whether their American victims are Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians, or LaRouchists.

The reality is that we cannot win the war on terror without the Democrats after these midterm elections. Rather than continue with antagonizing rhetoric, we'd better find ways to engage them rationally in this effort if we want to survive. I'm hoping we can find common ground with them now that they have the responsibility to govern. If we can't, then let's criticize them for their actual failures, and not get so intent on grasping at any way to attack them that we start becoming repeater stations for the ravings of genocidal lunatics.
And he has more common sense here:
Still Not Biting
We often complained about the Democrats not being a "loyal opposition" for the last six years, acting immaturely and selfishly while putting partisan interests ahead of the nation's security. Well, now that shoe is on our foot, ladies and gentlemen. It isn't time for payback, not unless we want to spend a generation in the wilderness, not unless we want to actually rely on American defeat simply for the opportunity to regain power. That's the same thing we accused Democrats of doing, with some justification in some instances. Why would we follow their example?
While most Democrats didn't wish for failure for political gains there were those who did. Now it appears the shoe is indeed on the other foot and Ed is honest enough to recognize it.

Another individual from the right who cares more about America than politics, Rick Moran, also blasts the cultist at Powerline.
There are some – most notably the guys at Powerline – who think that this development reflects badly on the Democrats, that it proves the terrorists would prefer Democrats in power in the United States because they wouldn’t fight them as fiercely or that it would be easier to hit American targets.

Democrats, of course, are sputtering in anger at these charges. They should be. It calls into question their basic loyalty to America. And while it may be true that al-Qaeda thugs and the head of state of Iran both see the Democratic victory as a victory for their cause, all their crowing does is reveal their ignorance of America and Americans.

The fact is that many of our allies in Europe are also celebrating the GOP’s downfall. When friend and foe are celebrating the same thing (for different reasons) one can hardly ascribe any particular relevance to it. European ignorance of domestic American politics is almost as profound as Iran’s. What any other group or nation thinks is irrelevant to what we as Americans have to do to protect the homeland and take the war against terrorism directly to our enemies. This is a job for both Republicans and Democrats working together in a spirit of cooperation and bi-partisanship.

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