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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Rise and Fall of the 4th Reich

The Lee Attwater/Karl Rove vision of a 4th Reich was doomed by history. It depended on a base of radical Christians. The history of radical forms of Christianity looks a lot like a sine curve, that is ups and downs. The radical Christian movements rarely last more than a generation. The Jewish Week reports that Christian Right Agenda In Shambles After GOP Defeat. I think the headline is wrong, it should read Republican Agenda In Shambles After Christian Right Melt Down. Yes Karl Rove and company put all their eggs in the Radical Christian Right basket and the basket could no longer hold the eggs. The true believers are beginning to realize that the ideology of the Republican party has very little to do with the teachings of Christ. Even more important the flock is beginning to realize that the "shepherds" are really greedy - hypocritical wolves. Once the shepherds lose power the Republicans lose the flock. It starts first with the young people, they don't remain in the church hence the generational nature of such movements. But now even the parents are defecting. The Republican party has been in power for the last few years for one and only one reason - abortion. An attempt to add the gay issue has met with limited success in part because the flock suddenly realizes that not only is the Republican party full of gays, so is the evangelical movement. So the 4th Reich falls because the evangelical ship has sailed and the true Republican ideology can never win elections.

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