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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Charlie Reese says "throw the bums out"

On a day when we find out that voters are ready to "throw the bums out" Charlie Reese has a commentary over at LewRockwell.com, Congressional Republicans, where he agrees and tells us why.
Congressional Republicans, the pundits say, are running against fascism, which, of course, doesn't exist in today's world. That's OK. The same buffoons are waging a war against terrorism, which they can't even define.

My fondest hope for this political season is that every Republican senator and representative up for re-election is defeated. It's not that the Democrats are any great prize, but they are marginally more intellectually honest than the Republicans.

Most Democrats are leftists and socialists, and most of their rhetoric reflects that, as do the issues they support. Most Republicans, however, are big fat hypocrites who campaign as conservatives when in fact, judged by their actions and their votes, they are no more conservative than Pol Pot or Karl Marx.
The Congress, nothing but windbags?
Most of these windbags in both parties have only two skills: conning voters and raising money from lobbyists. Most of them couldn't manage a small law firm or even run a successful hot-dog stand. As for foreign affairs, most of them don't have a clue as to what's going on outside their own country club and favorite fancy restaurants. They are mental and moral midgets.

Most of them neither speak nor read a foreign language. If they have traveled overseas it's usually on those paid-for VIP tours arranged by special-interest groups. They don't read, most of them. In fact, aside from raising their own already bloated pay, they spend the majority of their time raising money for their next campaign. Very few of them have ever served in the armed forces.
So what to do?
Ah, if only the American people would dump 200 or 300 incumbents, which would send a 50-megaton political shock wave to Washington that would rattle the Washington Monument. You'd see a sudden and big change in the attitude of the surviving politicians.

These politicians don't respect you. They think you are dumb (after all, you keep voting for them). Well, if they won't respect you, then the next best thing is for them to fear you, and the way to do that is to demonstrate their jobs are in perpetual jeopardy. Election Day can be a revolution if the American people choose to make it one.
It looks like the voters may agree,

Voters are anti-incumbent and angry, new poll finds
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Most Americans are angry about "something" when it comes to how the country is run, and they are more likely than in previous years to vote for a challenger this November, a new poll suggests.

A majority of Americans surveyed -- and a higher percentage than recorded during the same time last year -- said things in the United States are going "badly." Among this year's respondents, 29 percent said "pretty badly" and 25 percent -- up from 15 percent a month ago -- answered "very badly." By comparison, 37 percent described the way things are going as "fairly well," and 9 percent answered "very well."

Of these people, 76 percent said there was "something" to be angry about in the country today. By comparison, 59 percent felt that way when polled in February.

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