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Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Absurdity

Over at The Moderate Voice Michael van der Galien comments on a Christian Science Monitor, Opposite ends of the labor market face opposite problems. Michael van der Galien says this:
In the West, we're moving more and more towards a 'knowledge-economy', which is - in my opinion - generally a good thing. One of the effects of that 'shift', however, is that those with little to no education will be left behind. That is why - well, one of the reasons why - providing education to everyone and encouraging everyone to use the opportunities given to them, is so important. We cannot allow a real, broad underclass to emerge out of which is no escape possible. If not for anything else than at least for the sake of peace within the borders of our respective countries.
In the comments section he says this:
Firstly I believe that once you give people true responsibility, simply demand this of them, that the far majority will take it.Secondly, perhaps things will improve once one raised the level of education, also in the 'ghettos'. In some schools, perhaps even quite a lot, people don't feel safe, the schools are close to collapsing due to lack of maintenance, teachers are incompetent, students have no good material...etc.

Do you really think that such an attitude will not change once opportunities truly are provided? I think it will; not with all people, but with most, yes. If not for anything else, than for the simple reason that if they don't, they don't survive.

And for that other part that's not willing to improve themselves because they consider that to be something of the 'white man', it will be a small part, not a "broad underclass".
All I have to do is look around to see the absurdity of this. I live in a high tech area. Like most of my friends and acquaintances I received a college education up front and continued my education most all of my life. What I see here is highly educated people now selling plumbing at Home Depot and doing yard work. The reality is there are simply not enough jobs in, as Michael calls it, a "Knowledge Economy". The up and coming job six years ago was Information Technology. Thousands went back to school so they could get into this field. Where are they now? At Home Depot or behind a lawn mower.

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