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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The DLCs resident wingnut

If the Democratic Leadership Conference wants to remain a part of the Democratic Party they must give über right wingnut, Marshall Wittmann, his walking papers. His post this morning, Liberalism of Fools is something the wingers at Powerline would be proud of. He once again is attacking the majority of the Democratic Party.
For months, the Moose has observed that if you seek anti-Semitic and anti-Israel filth on the internet, look to the left side. Comment threads and diariists regularly rant against Jews and the Jewish state. What is striking is the degree to which it is tolerated and the "respectability" these sites receive from the Democratic establishment.


The question is why Democratic leaders continue to collude with the anti-Semitic appeasing left? This should be a time for introspection for a party that relies heavily on Jewish support.
Once again he is equating criticism of Joe Lieberman and the policies of Israel with anti-Semitism. Bullshit Moose sounds more like a rightwinger than many of the rightwingers. A message to the DLC: dump Marshall Wittmann or quit pretending you are part of the Democratic Party.

Matthew Yglesias reminds us that Marshall Wittmann is a "born again" friend of Jews everywhere since he used to work "lunatic anti-semite Pat Robertson".

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